Friday, January 7, 2011

Bring in the New Year..

January is a cold and bleak month, but your bedroom doesn't have to be. "Pebble" by Bella Notte reflects the mood of January but makes us feel cozy and warm with a combination of Linen, Velvet and Satin.

             This is our new January bed dressed in Bella Notte "Pebble."

Details of Whisper Linen and Satin Velvet Throw.

Up close of Colette with "White" background.

Detail of Silk Velvet Embroidered Pillowcase in "Pebble."

            Colette and Whisper Linen are beautiful together          in "Pebble."

What could be cozier than this Silk Velvet Embroidered Pillow in "Pebble?"

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