Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Good Yarn..

Winter Whites
& A Good Yarn...

Knitted pillows in paled-out hues render a soft textured look.

Let's make a Winter bed for the front window. Instead of doing white white, let's use an offwhite soft color.

Start with Bella Notte's "Champagne" Linen in "Homespun." This open weave linen gives a cozy, soft texture. Perfect for those Winter nights.
First we need to stuff the duvet with a good feather down insert. We like a lighter weight for California weather. 

For the top of the bed use two Euros in the "Champagne" Homespun linen.

Close-up of the Homespun duvet and the blanket. All from Bella Notte.

The fun part is adding all of these wonderful knitted pillows in various shades of white and off white. 
The pillows are backed in vintage linens, which means you can show off either side.

This one is too beautiful! The details are unbelievable.

Should we add some velvet to the mix? Why not? Bella Notte's velvet Champagne looks great with everything.

Ahhh! For the last, best piece. We added a one-of-a-kind knitted throw blanket backed in vintage linen.

This creamy Winter bed with all the knits and different textures says COZY!

Take any chair and make a few changes for Winter.

Add a textured pillow for a fresh new look.

Lighten up your living room for Winter. Throw an old linen rug over a coffee table to get a minimalist look for the season. A simple piece of driftwood can be beautiful. 

For your sofa lighten it up with natural linen and knitted pillows.

Different textures add dimension and color.

A knot blanket from Matteo covers this over sized chair. The nubby knit pillow adds a layer of warmth.

For a different look try a little bit more color with this mustard, hand blocked pillow from India. 

Close up of the Matteo knot blanket. This feels amazing!

And another look with these vintage linen grain sack pillows in mustard and off white.

Real simple.

The bare bones of winter.

Susan's cat is looking for a warm spot in the sun.

Always bring in a few flowers to add color to any room.

Lighten and warm up your bedroom with soft, colors and textures. 

This bed is dressed in LIBECO Santiago pre-washed linen sheets and pillow cases in White. The next layer is a soft blanket in ecru from Marcel Miller. (Organic, woven cotton). The top coverlet is organic cotton in Natural from SDH.

Simple and easy. The throw pillows are hand knitted in hemp.

Your bedroom should always be a simple statement, yet beautiful and inviting.

Change it up by adding some different pillows. 
The fun thing about pillows is they are interchangeable. They work downstairs as well as upstairs.

Come see our new collection of knitted pillows. 

January is the time to de-clutter and simplify your life. 

We specialize in beautiful, care free linens for your home.

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