Tuesday, October 16, 2012

50 Shades of Fall

   "50 Shades" of Fall..

Bella Notte has 50 shades or more of the most beautiful Fall colors and fabrics.

From "Sea Glass" to "Perfectly Peach".

New from Bella Notte is "Bordeaux".

"Perfectly Peach" is a new color from Bella Notte and sure to be a classic.

"Amethyst" has been in the line for awhile and always popular.

A sun kissed Fall bed. Show in the front is "Fawn" in the new Loulah fabric in silk velvet.  

"Betty" is a new floral print from Bella Notte in Linen. Shown on top is Betty in "Ginger." Shown on the bottom is "Cypress" in silk velvet. Love this combo.

Bella Notte crocheted duvet in "Perfectly Peach."

Classic wool checkered twin blankets. Vintage.

Anyone from Harvard? Shown with John Robshaw fabric.

Pine chest of drawers. circa 1900.

Still life of vegetables in original frame. circa 1900.

LIBECO linen aprons are so cute and durable! Shown here in "Red Earth".

Comes in "Taupe" too.

Our new candles by "Root" are wonderful and beautiful to decorate with.

LIBECO bedding in Fall plaids and earth colors. In front is a vintage Suzani.

More plaids from LIBECO.

New arrival of Magdalena York rugs. Every color available.

African mud cloth pillows in tribal patterns. 

New Kantha throws just came in!

Great pickin's!

We love Kantha's so much we decided to reupholster this classic wing back in shades of pinks and black.

Reverse side of cushion..

Details of side and back. Kanthas are great for reupholstering anything. Fun!

Our favorite is this little 1950's stool upholstered in an old bright Kantha. Gives it a new life!

Fall orange colors have always been my favorite. Simple beauty.

Happy Halloween!!

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