Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer Into Fall...


Transition into Fall with deep, rich colors. Sunflowers say Summer  and early Fall.

Change your sofa into late Summer and early Fall using our Kantha thrrows. 

Shown is a bright mustard colored kantha throw with a green trim. Orange and blue pillows look fun on this vibrant colored kantha.

Smaller sofa shows a brown and orange kantha. I used the reverse side of this kantha for summer. An easy switch.

A close up of this large mustard kantha.

Notice the pink patch. So cute!

We have a lot of new kanthas in the store. Lots to choose from.

We love these sea blue kanthas on our front bed. Mix it up with John Robshaw and other vintage pillows.

Check out the intricate details on these John Robshaw pillows.

Close up shot of the sea green and blue kantha. Think what you could do with this!

Sea glass beads from Africa just arrived. $59.00 a strand.

Moo! This beautiful milk cow just came in. Be great in a kitchen. 24" x 36"

This "vintage" John Robshaw pillow just came in. It's a beaut! Shell details on the ends. Sure to be a collectors item.

Knitted pillows with purple are totally different. We love the color block style to these.

Mustards, burnt oranges, greens and browns pop against this white base! 

The details and stitching of these pillows are stunning! A lot of work went into making these pieces.  Perfect for creating the feeling of Fall warmth.

This particular kantha quilt is fabulous. The mustard golds and blues are amazing. Works of Art!

The reverse side is a bit more toned down. Love this orange motif.

Earth toned pillows mix well with most anything. A good base for any collection.

Bella Notte has a new color called "Perfectly Peach!" It reminds us of classic Hollywood glamour. We paired this with Bella Notte's famed "Fawn."

The edge of this Silk Velvet throw is ruffled with an unfinished, slightly tattered edge. The colors really compliment each other.

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