Friday, September 28, 2012

Glam up with Faux Fur!

Glamorize your bedroom with faux fur.

Make a sexy statement with these fabulous fur throws from France. (picture from Veranda magazine)

And the best part is they are not real furs, but beautifully woven fabrics from France made in the USA. Because they are woven instead of knitted they do not shed! 

Corner details of a classic mink throw. Drapes beautifully over a bed or a sofa.

We have quite an assortment of these exotic furs. Tibetan Lamb, Bear, Leopard, and Ocelot are just a few of the selection.

They look gorgeous all stacked together.

We threw a mink faux fur on the bottom of this classic bed showing a lot of new Pillow Talk and SDH.

Switch it up with some sexy Leopard.

We used an old Kantha throw for the headboard and used our new orange silk pillows from Pillow Talk.

Close up detail of this mink along the foot of the bed. These furs are all backed in silk velvet. They are just beautiful!

Get ready for Fall with a new bedroom ensemble. New colors from Bella Notte range from "Bordeaux" to "Perfectly Peach".

Stop by and let us show you our new Fall bedding!

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