Monday, May 14, 2012

Dinner for Two

Romantic Dinner for Two..

             Create an intimate setting for two for a special dinner.

First let's start from the beginning. We wanted to use a round table because it seems more intimate and cozy. This garden table was actually from the backyard. You can use any kind of table for a prop, including square or rectangular.

No round table cloth available, so we're going to have to improvise with this wonderful old linen bed cover.

Drape it so it's even on all sides. One side may not be as long as the other. Just be creative and it will work!

Now that we have our table draped it's time to set the table.

This old linen cloth is so beautiful. It also looks good at the end of a bed.

You can play around with other layers of old fabric. Shown is an old burlap sack.

We decided to use old raffia placemats to keep the linen cloth clean.

The blue and white is old French China. You can add all kinds of center pieces. Shown is a piece of drift wood. Always add flowers from your backyard and don't forget the candles (unscented of course). Keep it simple but make it pretty with things that you already have.

Voila! You will have your created your own little intimate dining area. Pretend you're in the South of France!

             Adding a piece of ironstone always makes it special.

You can do the same in the yard or patio.

Using what you have on hand, start draping and layering interesting fabrics.

This table looks a little bohemian with the tie-dyed fabric. Add some fun pillows. Pillows shown are from vintage fabrics.

We're using our old ironstone china. The Indigo blue really makes it pop! A small cutting from your bouganvilla vine is all you need for a pop of color.

Blue and white striped rug is from the new Magdalena York collection. We have about twenty different color variations at Blue Springs Home.

Turn the fountain on during dinner and enjoy the ambience!

These outdoor rugs also work well inside too!

Our new Magdalena York vinyl rugs from Sweden. Durable and stylish.

Front window at Blue Springs Home showing pinks and blues by John Robshaw. Large body pillow is vintage Suzani.

Vintage 1930's-40's era green komono.

Looks good!

Quilt in the middle is an old Kantha in beautiful blues and pink colors. We paired it with Bella Notte pillows in the "Ginger" color and popped it with Bella Notte pillows in "Ocean." Very European looking!

This bed is done in vintage pinks mixed with John Robshaw prints.

Vintage fabric from the Ivory Coast in Africa. Fantastic teal colors. Would look great on a white sofa.

Rosa Packs backpacks. "Changing the world one pack at a time!"
This is a philanthropic company "who's mission is to create durable, contemporary, eco-friendly backpacks for the public while channeling profits that reward foster children across the United States." The Orangewood Children's foster care profits from this organization. We're selling this cute pack here at Blue Springs Home! A great backpack for people of all ages. $44.00 each.

All items shown on blog are available here at Blue Springs Home.

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