Monday, August 3, 2009

Sustainably Blue...

Would you like to sleep in the same bed as this guy? I thought that might get the attention of some of you...

We were lucky enough to sell several sets of the SDH Legna sheets to this dream boat. Not only is this guy gorgeous and has great taste, but he is also very Eco-Conscious.. FYI- Matthew purchased the Legna Sheets in "Classic Cloud." Cloud is a beautiful white color perfect for summer and all year round.

We have carried the Legna Line of bedding from SDH, for some time now, but recently there has been an entirely new audience. This is luxury sheeting quality made of Wood Pulp fiber. Leave it to the Italians to create a beautiful textile that has the comfort of silk and easy maintenance of 100% cotton.

The Legna Collection has an amazing array of jacquards and solids that are elegant, comfortable, and washes beautifully! The fabric is meticulously finished and is woven for lasting beauty.

The Wood Pulp that SDH uses for Lenga is harvested entirely from managed forests, which makes it 100% biodegradable. Luxurious and Eco Friendly.