Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We love Animals.. Wolves in Particular..

Charlie the Wolf...Whether it be her own style or decor choices, Susan Ellison, owner of Blue Springs Home, has always been inspired by nature and animals. Wolves are especially a favorite of hers, especially since one lives with her!

Here at Blue Springs Home we love animals and support many helpful organizations such as The Humane Society and Defenders of Wildlife. We are especially supportive to those that aid in the protection of wolves and their natural habitats. She also is a big admirer of the Birds of Prey, such as, the Hawks and Owls. Susan is concerned about the endangered Big Cats too.

Let us introduce you to Charlie. For a dog, he is so beautiful. Charlie is about fourteen years old. Having him around has been such a joy. Never a bother, but always a friend.

Charlie is super precious! Being that he is a Wolf-Malamute mix, he doesn't care for other dogs. They don't like him either! Nobody is perfect...

People say Charlie looks like a Polar Bear. In this shot, he really does! We love his black-rimmed, almond colored eyes! When we are out for walks, people stop to admire him. (But we tell strangers and pedestrians not to get to close because he is very protective and cautious to new people.)

In this shot he looks like a white German Shepard, but he's not. Alaskan Malamutes and Wolves are quite different from Shepards.
At his age he sleeps a lot... Charlie only barks when it is necessary to alert us about something, or when there's a possum out in the backyard.

This picture we like to call "Our Angel." He behaves very well during photo shoots. Although, now we've had so many shoots he gets a bit camera shy. (He knows what the camera is!)

And here is "Charlie the Wolf," sleeping on the "Bella Notte" bed. In this pic his Arctic Wolf heritage really shines. Charlie does like to howl at times. He is very smart too. He understands a lot of directions and many words in the English language. His personality is so cute! We love him so much!

Blue Springs Home is a design store specializing in fine bedding. We love animals too! Stay tuned for Billy the Cat's debut!

Photos and text by Stephanie Ellison of Blue Springs Home