Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Note from Blue Springs Home...

I cannot tell you all how happy and excited we are here at Blue Springs Home, to introduce our new Blue Springs Home Blog...

This is an amazing new media that allows us to easily communicate to the thousands of customers, friends, vendors and artists who have supported our store in the last 12 years we've been in business.

When I decided to open the store those many years ago, I named it Blue Springs, in the loving memory of my childhood growing up and visiting my  grandparents home in small, rural Blue Springs, Alabama.  My grandfather, called Dr. Daddy by his grandchildren, (Dr. James McLaughlin) was a true country doctor, who was  loved by his friends, patients and family.  My grandmother, known by the locals as Miss Dovie, was the patriarch of our family.   They taught me the essence of Southern Hospitality, which I continually try to express to my own children, grandchildren, friends and customers alike.  

I want to also use this blog to help support other small businesses like mine, that share the same love and dedication of being a proprietor, as I do.  With today's economy in such disarray, it is certainly not business as usual...  The fact remains we still love beautiful and special things and will always want to enhance the places where we live and sleep.  Being able to offer some of those special things to my customers, has always been what keeps me going and I hope to continue for many years to come.

My hope is that this blog will serve an additional venue for me to show off the works of the hundreds of creative people that fill the store. We also want our customers to be able to share with us their own beautiful homes, interiors, and inspirations. This blog is a continual sharing and learning experience for all of us!

Any of you who have been to Blue Springs Home, know that we are "Obsessed with Bed Linens."  That obsession has led us to developing relationships with some of the most talented and creative ateliers and manufacturers on the planet.  This is what we specialize in and we love doing it!  From Baby Bedding to Throw Pillows, Luxurious Velvet Coverlets to 100% Cotton 500 Thread Count Sheets...  We feel that everyone deserves to sleep in a bed dressed to their own creative style.

The blog will always focus on this glorious aspect of home fashion and accessories. Blue Springs Blog will continually showcase new artists and products that we feel are truly special.

I'm lucky enough to have my two daughters, Jeanne and Stephanie, working with me here at Blue Springs Home and on this fun new blog. I just hope you all enjoy these posts as much as we have in putting them together. I am also fortunate enough to have a wonderful staff of talented women who work here because we all share a love of bedding and design.

Please stay on the look out for all sorts of shows, sales events, community outreaches and promotions that will be posted on The Blue Springs Home Blog.  Share it with your friends and family and thank you all for helping make Blue Springs the place I love to come to everyday!

Susan Ellison
Blue Springs Home