Friday, November 6, 2009

We Love our New Bed... And Bedding of Course.

We just got in this beautiful Canopy Bed from J.R. Conte, Ltd. and everyone is in love with it. This guy is a real old world craftsman, if you could believe there still is such a thing. All of the furniture from Conte is made by hand, right here in Orange County and they will do pretty much any custom finish you want.

My friend Tania Taddeo came in and did up this gorgeous Fall mix of Bella Notte, Matteo and Les Indiennes bedding all together. Tania has a wonderful eye for styling and design. It shows in everything she does.

Thank you Tania, for doing such a wonderful job!

Having a local Bohemian Artist in our backyard has it's advantages... Susan Brown saw the bed in the window and just whipped up this painting. She so prolific with her artwork, especially when she gets inspired. I guess this bed did the job for her..

We'll be redressing beds all through the month and I'll be sure to keep posting new and fresh looks. Or you can just come and see them for yourself in person...